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Welcome to Agile Consulting And Coaching.

My approach to Consulting and Coaching is listening. Each person I meet has their own personal vision of what coaching is and I work with what they already know rather then implementing new and intimidating skills

Testimonials from some extraordinary individuals who each have faced their fears and found the truth.

I encourage anyone to make contact who is wanting to work through a decision as small as buying a new dress to Quitting your Job and to talk through your decision making process so you feel confident with the end result. You may need one chat or a 10 session strategy covering all aspects of your life that create stress and confusion. The testimonials cover a spectrum of fantastic individuals who have plunged into the world of self discovery and learned something new about themselves.


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After one hour I had started a new and exciting journey into the new year, Nicole helped me organise my thoughts from chaos into method in this short session, I will be diving in to more discovery in her Online Coaching

Online Consulting

My company was losing money and Nicole quickly assessed where I could make the adjustments to turn things around, Her approach was so versatile and what began as a scary path is now my blossoming passion revisited. I relaunched my website and tailored my offerings and I have never felt stronger.

Online Coaching

I am based in New York and the effortless system in place at Agility Counts allowed Me to explore my path. With Nicole at my back I felt empowered to initiate the new and exciting changes she helped me to materialise

Online Coaching

Relocating to the UK was very intimidating and when my first job failed to engage me Nicole worked with me to find the confidence I needed to leave and explore my own earning abilities as a freelancer. I now consult to over 30 companies and I continue to meet with Nicole weekly to adjust and conquer any arising challenges.

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I am Nicole.

I live on a farm outside a major city in South Africa with my husband and two daughters. Agility Counts materialised from my desire to help others overcome many of the challenges I have faced during my life journey personally as well as my business journey. The tools I have gained on my way were too good to keep to myself and I soon discovered that my fears and foibles were similar to many others around me.

Challenges I see in others that are halting their ability to see what’s amazing in themselves :

Social Anxiety
Self Image
Making Huge Life Decisions
Making Small Decisions
Imposter Syndrome