It’s all happening – a blank slate

When a new year begins, growth feels inevitable, possible, exciting, distracting…
Are you a resolutions or a go with the flow type of human? Have you got big plans but you not sure what you need to get there?
If you anything like Julie your January calendar is filled with hopes and dreams…
The year planner
☑ The school holidays are in
☑ Birthday calendar is in
☑ Workshop dates are in
February is looking empty, The to-do list is filled with ambition, file Tax returns early, Research new Medical aid scheme, budget, exercise, weight goals…

Seize the Day…

Who’s in your corner?

You ?
You and your Mom ?
You and your mom and your Dieatician ?

You and your coach

Today is the perfect time to bring all your wildest dreams to my desk… sorting through and prioritising is easy in January, maintaining the momentum sometimes needs some coaching.